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About Us

BUDROPOL situated in Nuremberg twinned with a company from Cracow worked as a building company continuously from 1992. In 2000 the company was steered in the direction of renewable sources of energy. Thanks to knowledge and experiences gained for these years BUDROPOL enjoys trust of private and institutional customers as well as companies from the country and abroad.
As dynamic and quickly developing company we co-operate with many companies, organizations, as well as investors on all continents. In the group of our partners can be found our neighbours such as: Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. They are countries where the market of renewable sources of energy is still young and open for innovative technology solutions. Currently, apart from work in Germany we are concentrating on our Polish Partner that is very active in entering on renewable sources of energy market. We hope that thanks to this co-operation Poland will soon become our important partner in the field of using renewable sources of energy, what will surly contribute in shift of energy politics of the country.
From other companies of similar profile distinguish us a wide scope of work and flexibility of realization various projects.
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Budropol GmbH - Roof renewals+photovoltaics installations – all out of one hand. 12 years over 400 photovoltaic installations, roof renewals + PV installations. All out of one hand.
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